This year, well, it had new music. Artists tend to just keep making the stuff and heck, we are going to listen. Mitchell and Amy bring their favorite songs of the year and so do the Earbuddies. Amy accidentally read some YouTube comments and Mitchell declares it research (she has set the bar pretty low). Also, snare drums!


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Childish Gambino - This is America

Ariana Grande - Sweetener

Street Sects - The Drifter

F*cked Up - The One I Want Will Come for Me

LSD - Thuderclouds

Cody Rogers - Good friday

Shame - Dust on Trial

Hot Mulligan - How Do You Know It’s Not Armadillo Shells?

Hopesfall - Indignation and the Rise of the Arbiter

Mindforce - Excalibur

Haley Heynderickx - Oom Sha La La