We all have those bands that we love dearly and in this episode Jason and Amy explore the bands/musicians that they hold dear and that the Earbuddies love.  The theme is brought by Earbuddy, Naomi, and wow, is it a music filled time!  Amy groans at Jason’s love for Iron Butterfly but Jason giggles at her love of blasting Xiu Xiu in a ‘96 Grand Caravan.  Fun is had and this is truly sincere episode with lots of love.  Also, Joe-Joe writes the best emails!


Don’t Be Scared - The Handsome Family

Lover Come Back - City and Colour

Art Star - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Soul Experience - Iron Butterfly

Breathe Me - Sia

Your Hand in Mine - Explosions in the Sky

Mystery Dance - Elvis Costello

Bunny Gamer - Xiu Xiu

Karen - The National

Colours So Fine - Miranda Lee Richards