It's a special episode of the Lariat! STRIGGA is out winning at life this week so Dylan is joined by friend of the show, Happy Wrestling Land's Rob McCauley. They're here talking two huge shows in wrestling. First it's all about CyberFight Festival and they go through every match on the event featuring stars from NOAH, DDT, TJPW, & Ganbare Pro, and of course the discussion of Naomichi Marufuji's title win. After that they run down a full preview of the King of DDT tournament coming up and talk about all the matches. Finally to close the show they talk about the biggest company in Japan, NJPW. It was time for Dominion and we saw what ended up being the biggest upset of the year in the main event with a new IWGP champion crowned! We talk about Shingo Takagi's new run as champion and have a time doing it. It's a big one, there's lot to talk about, lots to say, hopefully you enjoy!


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