The new year always brings a LOT to discuss in japanese pro-wrestling and with Pro Wrestling NOAH choosing January 1st as the date of their big Budokan show there's more to discuss than ever: Muto vs. Nakamura, Kiyomiya vs. Kenoh, Jake Lee debuting, the puzzling placement of the tag title matches and what does the future hold for NOAH after Muto? But first, STRIGGA and Dylan address the big title change from Syuri to Giulia in Stardom as well as the DDT & GLEAT shows from Tokyo Dome City Hall and New Year's Eve Pro-Wrestling from Korakuen. The final topic of the show are the first two AJPW shows of the new year that saw Kento Miyahara and Takuya Nomura in prominent positions as well as many puzzling elements such as the All Asia Tag Team Title match and a Voodoo Murder breakup tease.