This week on Let’s Eat In host Cathy Erway talks tofu with James Beard finalist and author of Asian Tofu, Andrea Nguyen. Ever thought that making your own tofu was a daunting and mysterious recipe? Well don’t fret because Cathy and Andrea help break down that myth so you can be making your own tofu by tonight– all you need is water, soybeans, and a coagulant! Learn all about tofu’s history and how it is traditionally eaten in the East as well as all of the amazing types and textures of tofu that you can find. By the end of this episode you’ll find that there’s a tofu for everyone! This episode is sponsored by Fairway Market.

“With soybeans you want to choose beans that are non-GMO and organic; the non-GMO and organic soybeans just taste better.”

“People often think that tofu is a meat substitute but in Asia it is a food, it’s a protein, it’s just an ingredient that allows people to have lower meat diets. There just isn’t enough animal protein in the East so soybeans make up for it.”

–Andrea Nguyen on Let’s Eat In