Welcome to the first Best of the Upsell! hosted by Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen (aka apdan). 2:00 Amanda ate at Vespertine!! 6:30 J. Kenji López-Alt interview 32:00 Amanda and Dan talk about Dan being weird with guests 38:00 Nathan Myhrvold interview After getting his start in restaurant and test kitchens in Boston, Kenji created The Food Lab, a column on Serious Eats dedicated to lassoing the laws of science and riding them to home cooking success every time. In the subsequent six years, the “Kenji method” has blown up, but despite being a cult phenomenon and bestselling cookbook author, Kenji himself is just about as cool and down to earth as you can get. Air date: 2/18/2016 twitter.com/kenjilopezalt Nathan Myhrvold is the wildly successful businessman/scientist/tech guru behind Modernist Cuisine, a self-published culinary encyclopedia that demystifies the world of high-end gastronomy. Nathan also released a spinoff, Modernist Cuisine at Home, and he’s working on another volume focusing entirely on bread. Air date: 2/13/2017 nathanmyhrvold.com

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