Maria Sharapova, tennis legend, decorated Grand Slam champion and noted pal to a certain royal family, doesn’t believe in using her star power to score tables at super popular restaurants. That's because she's a true food lover who believes in the serendipity of waiting it out with the rest of us.

Maria's found some of her favorite places after rubbing elbows with other gourmands at bars and communal tables around the globe, and she joined Amanda in studio to dish on her favorite restaurants worldwide and why she started Sugarpova, her candy company.

We also get into the biggest food stories of the week, from the newest Michelin news to one chef's fiery exit from a famous department store and more.


• Blue Hill at Stone Barns Notches 2 Michelin Stars

• This Bloomin' Onion Tastes Orwellian


Maria Sharapova (@MariaSharapova)


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