Just like there’s a song of the summer, inevitably, each year, a drink of the summer rises to the forefront of our collective consciousness to dominate warm weather gatherings between May and August. This year, it was all about White Claw, a low-calorie, low-carb spiked seltzer that’s been embraced by every kind of drinker out there.

We hit the beach to learn more about the drink that’s sweeping backyard parties across the nation, and also called in cocktail expert John deBary (formerly of P.D.T. and Momofuko) for a taste test to find out which brand we should be reaching for at the grocery store. But in the end, we learned more about what our hard seltzer obsession says about our relationship to alcohol than which flavors outperform the others.

Plus, we dive into the wildest food stories of the week, from the latest in the fast food chicken bonanza, to a terrible dieting app for kids as young as eight, and more. And be sure to join Amanda and John on September 16th to celebrate the Restaurant Worker's Community Foundation's first birthday!


• The End of Bitch Beer

• KFC Joins the Fake Meat and Chicken Craze with One Bucket

• Don’t Put Your Kid on Weight Watchers


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