Sometimes, things aren’t what they seem. Learn more in this episode.

Slow dialog: 1:29
Explanations: 3:23
Fast dialog: 14:06

Tatiana: Why are you wearing those funny goggles?

Moustafa: I’m trying out a new kind of virtual reality.

Tatiana: You mean like flight simulators?

Moustafa: This is much more sophisticated. This system creates a complete sensory experience. I can see, hear, feel, and nearly taste this 3-D simulation.

Tatiana: I don’t see how it can do that.

Moustafa: With the help of these goggles and headphones, this computer program recreates what it’s like to actually be in a particular place, at a particular time. It even allows me to interact with different people and things.

Tatiana: I can see how that would be useful for gaming, but...

Moustafa: It’s not only for gaming. It’s useful for a host of other things, including relaxation. For instance, right now I’m experiencing what it’s like to be outdoors with the sun shining and the birds chirping.

Tatiana: If you open the door, you’ll see that the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.

Moustafa: Yes, but with virtual reality, I may never have to get out of this chair again. Now isn’t that progress?

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse