Oh what a beautiful happy loving time it is today as we review... WEDDINGS! If you yourself have had a wedding or you know anyone who has had or been to a wedding, please, give this a listen and take in all the knowledge we offer on this less than 30 minute long podcast episode. It truly is such a magical time to be a podcast fan (not of this one, just in general) and we are so lucky to be sharing it with you. Now, before it's too late, click that play button and enjoy the ride. Goodbye (for now!!!) 

Was that funny? As I typed it I was picturing it sound like some of of disney character. idk, we have no rules when it comes to these descriptions so it really goes off the rails. I could just copy and paste Eve 6 lyrics. Maybe I'll do that for an episode. It'll be like 

"Oh they reviewed Tennis, hmm, not sold yet. Let me read the description and see if it changes my mind." 

*scrolls down* 

"I would swallow my pride, I would choke on the rinds, but the lack thereof would leave me empty inside!" 

*keeps scrolling, decides to listen to Comedy Bang Bang instead* 

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