ETI Show 35

Track List:

ETI Show 35 track list:
1. Quiet Village - Nathan Aweau
2. Afro-Deesia - Les Baxter
3. Tabu for Two - The Tikiyaki Orchestra
4. The Ritual Of The Cobra - Don Ralke
5. Tropicall Call - Nino Nardini & Rodger Roger
6. Jungle Drums - The Surfers
7. Sophisticated Savage - Lex Baxter
8. One Eyed Monkey - Combustible Edison
9. Congo Bounce - Red Rogers
10. Kan-Gu_WA - The Scholars
11. Jungle River - Kenny Sassaki & The Tiki Boys
12. The Enchanted Sea - Martin Denny
13. Monkey Mayhem - Stolen Idols
14. Jungle Fantasy- Yusef Lateef
15. Primitive Spirit TeleMusic Musique En Vrac
16. The Luau Song - Leo Addeo and his Orchestra
17. Terang Bulan - Orchestre Daikiki
18. Colors of Hawaiki - ÌXTAHUELE
19. I'm Carriy A Tiki Torch for You - Ding -Dong Devils

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