Aloha and welcome to the Exotic Tiki Island Podcast. I'm your host Tiki Brian. Join me along with Captain Scotty B as we take you on an adventure and travel back in time to Exotic Tiki Island while I play vintage Hawaiian, Exotica and Island related music from my LP vinyl and digital collection. 

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ETI Show 41 track list:

1. The Twilight Zone - The Ventures
2. Quiet Village - Jimmy Virani
3. Krakatoa - Clouseaux
4. Dark Shadows (Exotique) - The Moon-Rays
5. Voodoo Dreams - Martin Denny
6. Mojave Midnight Moonlight - The Voodoo Organist
7. Lonesome Aku of Alewife - Mr Ho's Orch
8. The Jungle - Diabito
9. Dr. Geek - Thurl Ravenscroft
10. Haunted House Blues - The Moon-Rays
11. Tabu - Elliot Eastons Tiki Gods
12. Green Tiki - Drool Brothers
13. Otto’s Shrunken Head - Fisherman
14. Giant Hula Monster - The Metrolites
15 Moon of Manakoora - Jimmy Virani