Aloha, and welcome to another episode of the Exotic Tiki Island Podcast. Show is show #6 and I'm your host Tiki Brian. Join me for another trip back to the Island as I play some of my favorite Vintage Hawaiian, Exotica and Island related music from my LP Collection. In this episode will be visiting the Main Beach, The Bamboo Bar and then travel up to a newly discovered place on the upper north end of the Island. it's called the "Exotic Orchid Cove" and it's a great place to relax in your hammock while sipping on your favorite cocktail as the perfect island breeze brushes against your face while listening to the ever entrancing sounds of exotica music. I'm sure you will enjoy this newly discovered island paradise as much as I do but I must warn you, there's more to the Exotic Orchid Cove then meets the eye. Enjoy the show!
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