You'll know him best as the "Caveman" from the Geico commercials, but John Lehr is an accomplished actor, writer, director, and show runner. He co-created the shows "10 Items or Less" for TBS,  "Quick Draw" for Hulu, and "Jail Bait" for Hulu. But today we talk about parenting. The tale of his parents staying together till the kids went to college is absolutely amazing. The story of making 60 grand a week to play a mute is phenomenal. And the fable of the night he spent in a Santa Barbara Jail on acid is unbelievable. (John has been sober for a long time now). One of my favorite story tellers we've had on the podcast. His raw honesty is so refreshing. There's a reason his shows do so well. He's a fantastic family guy now but his "back story" is great fodder for the sit-com world he's helping create. To follow what John is up to, check him out on his website,