He is simply one of the greatest character actors we've ever known. He can play the Grand Master of the KKK in Mississippi Burning and then play "Needle Nosed Ned Ryerson" in Groundhog Day. His 254 credits on IMDb are the most I've ever seen and represent the filmography of most of our lives. Memento, Thelma and Louise, Sneakers, to now recurring on Californication, Silicon Valley, The Goldbergs, and One Day at a Time. And you'll hear why. He is a master story-teller. From growing up in a dry small town in Texas where dancing is outlawed (yes, just like Footloose), to his early theatre days, to raising his own children in Los Angeles, Stephen is open and has a fascinating outlook on life. He has also worked with every actor today. The game should really be "6 Degrees of Stephen Tobolowsky" You may also know him from his own phenomenal podcast "The Tobolowsky Files" or his new book "My Adventures with God". You can find what Stephen is up to at http://stephentobolowsky.com The conversation went for two hours and had to be broken up. Here is part I. Enjoy!