Mark Valley is a West Point Grad, Army Veteran, successful actor, and Dad. You may know him from his numerous credits including Boston Legal, Pasadena, Keen Eddie, CSI, and Feud. He talks openly about growing up on the Canadian Border of upstate New York to a football coach Dad, his time in the Army, his first acting job with John Schlesinger and Anthony Hopkins, and fathering a child at an early age. Mark is an incredibly charming guy who is quick with an impression and tells a great story. He tells the story of how his 16 year old daughter comes to live with him in Venice, California at a time when he is a hugely recognizable actor during his stint on Boston Legal. How it didn't become a TV show unto itself is crazy. He's a great example of how to handle the responsibility of fatherhood and a shining example to all of you out there who are dealing with becoming a Dad at such an early age.