This episode of Filthy Casuals is brought to you by Harry's. Go to to get a free trial set! This episode is also brought to you by Shipstation. Go to and enter the code CASUALS and you can try ShipStation FREE for 30 days, Plus get a special bonus when you use the code CASUALS!   This week the boys are donning their caps with big old pieces of paper attached reading “PRESS” to talk about news of being able to head to Tokyo and eat Pikachu’s ass, as well as some other, less significant news of the week. They’ve also played Metal Gear Survive, Steamworld Dig and the Kirby: Star Allies demo. If for some reason you’re more interested in that than the news that you will now be able to officially eat Pikachu’s ass.   Find our new Premium episode on MS-DOS games at   Check out the Filthy Casuals Mic Test on our YouTube channel -   If you’d like to support us on Patreon head to   Find all of our episodes, socials, info and more, check out

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