This week, Tommy, Ben and Adam spent one of their eeveenings at the cinema to bring you a review of Detective Pikachu. They also talk about the bizarre news around Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, a quick word on the new game Snakeybus, the recent Sony State of Play, and a bunch more news and chat! Quite honestly, I thought of filling this description with a bunch of Pokemon puns but right now I can only remember Eevee. In the mid-2000s there was an Australian "supergroup" formed called The Wrights who only did a cover of the 3-part song "Evie" by Stevie Wright, who used to be in The Easybeats. Bernard Fanning, and the guy from Jet, and I assume probably Kram from Spiderbait were in it. For some reason people made a huge deal of it at the time, but they literally just did that one (technically 3) song(s) at some live event and a studio version and that was it. They played it on the radio heaps but I remember having had no idea about the song, or Stevie Wright before that. Didn't quite see what the big deal was, but the song was ok. The Easybeats did Friday On My Mind, I'm pretty sure. So there you go, there's a bit of Australian music history instead of Pokemon puns this week :)

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