All that's old is new again. Sure, we've played Skyward Sword before, but not in HD or with the game assuming that we would like to solve the puzzles ourselves. Sure, we've played PC games before, but not in a nice little handheld (other than the PC handhelds that have come out before, but like I say this one is nice). Hey, we've played Bandersnatch on Netflix, but we haven't forced ourselves to play whatever new "games" they decide to put out. And yeah, we've listened to episodes of Filthy Casuals before. But have we listened to the 300th episode before? My friend, we are about to.

We played another old Zelda game on YouTube, The Wand of Gamelon, and you can watch it at this link right here.

We're doing a live show on the 7th of October at Comedy Republic in Melbourne, and you can book tickets right now through this link!

Adam's streaming on Twitch regularly, you can follow his Twitch channel here.

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