I've been writing this episode description every day for the equivalent of 10,000 years. The day keeps repeating, I try to write the description again, and every night the whole day starts again. I just can't get this description right. I've tried listing what games we talk about, like 12 Minutes, Humankind, the Quake remaster, the Ghost of Tsushima update. I've tried explaining that we talk about a couple of the things that have come out of Gamescom. I've tried writing a little joke description where maybe I'm writing about the episode as though I'm like, I dunno, a dog who is also in the house of the person who's listening and the dog is giving it a bad review because there aren't enough high pitched noises, but he does like Tommy's voice. I've even tried writing it out as a little meta joke like I'm fucken Rick and Morty over here. None of it has worked. Please, don't let me wake up in this hell again. I don't want to write another description. I just want to live. Oh also a bit about the WarioWare demo.

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