Ideal for short breaks, long road trips, tall drinks and wide-screen couch potato salads your Finders Keepers holiday reps Andy Votel, Pete Mitchell and Doug Shipton manage to string entire sentences together while juggling exotic fuzz-ridden phonograms in celebration of sunstroke psychedelia, South American soap operas, pseudo Samba and the greatest ancient sporting festival of all time. Behold Olympic fever.

Rio is our muse this month and with a lukewarm Gulf Stream between their Mancunian tootsies the guardians of the Keepers Cottage take the sacred torch and shine it on a bunch of Italian sports library LPs, some anthemic Athenian psych and twenty tonnes of Brazilian obscurities uniting São Paulo's 50c bargain bins with record fair wall pieces. Peppered with token doses of tenuous sports terminology and the usual magnetic blend of the irreverent and the irrelevant the sunshine soldiers you have learned to love, cherish and tolerate aim to sooth, groove and prove that hockey sticks and drum sticks ain't that dissimilar if you squint your ears!