Stepping out of a six month hibernation with our best foot forward, Finders Keepers Records Radio Show returns from our beauty sleep to a breakfast of French toast, croissants, strong coffee and a refreshing pint of petrol with-a-rag-stuffed-in-the-top! Marking 50 years exactly since the Mai 68 riots in Paris, your faithful hosts take you on a two hour journey in recognition of the huge and immediate cultural shift in French art, literature and music including the rise of forward-thinking, philosophical, thematic pop music which made France the forerunners and undisputed maverick masters of the concept album. Discussing a genre that arguably peaked with Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier's notorious Histoire De Melody Nelson, your faithful FKRR hosts, Andy Votel, Doug Shipton and Pete Mitchell dig much much deeper into their vintage vinyl vaults to trace the sonic origins of feature-length French Psychedelia while they attempt to authenticate the first French concept album and trace a bloodline of existential spoken word French Funk and gritty fuzz-fuelled symphonic rock which would go-on to shape the future sound of all French pop and its inimitable sprawling legacy. Punctuated with tracks from the insanely rare Popera Cosmic LP (an LP devised by teenagers Francois Wertheimer and Jean-Michel Jarre) which formed the foundations of the Gallic galactic narrative psychpop phenomena, this two hour special hopes to open your eyes and ears to a world you always wanted to explore, but perhaps never knew existed, with an interchangeable cast and family tree that eventually branched out to the start of French cosmic disco and synth pop while influencing the sampled sound of progressive European pop music for almost a semi-century.

From science fiction to malediction... From astrology to astronomy... From hypnosis to psychosis... via stone faces to cabbage heads...this show hears a fine return to form for Finders Keepers, celebrating controversial lost-pop and a bygone political hotbeds which they might call their perfect comfort zone. It's gonna be hard to cram it all in into one show but "The Revolution Will Not Be Sequelised". Ceci n'est pas une POP.