With the wake of a new season the third episode of Finders Keepers monthly radio magazine returns to your devices ushering musical lost property, foreign fuzz and multiple micro-genres via our regular cosmic conduits at the radio chronic workshop known only as the Keepers Cottage. This month’s episode is punctuated by the concept “Jazz Is Not A Four Letter Word” - a ten-year-old title that was original earmarked for part of a series of releases on Doug and Andy's hibernating Delay 68 label. Alongside other quadratic genres folk, prog and glam, jazz was once a misunderstood section known to polarise tastes like marmite and mustard sushi burgers but as many hapless vinyl junkies will testify the j word forms the backbone to some of the best record collections in the world and it obviously doesn't take a bunch of Saxonic nerds from Blighty (such as our guest Graham Massey from Biting Tongues/808 State) to fight its corner... but let's do it anyway. Expect some of the finest skronk platters from all corners of the globe in this months Jazz themed episode including free/spiritual/cosmic/improv/electronic and other permutations of the joyful noise with various random bursts of unrelated vinyl bliss in the mix courtesy of Votel, Shipton. Mitchell, Ozploitation purveyor James Pianta and not forgetting our favourite ferric oligochaeta Mr. Tapeworm. The jazz amnesty is in session; Iguarglaphones must be left at the door.