Art Decade? Despite the fact that the 200 release deep discography of the label technically spans over 60 decades of music AND the experience of both the labels head chefs counts for just about 50 years combined record nerd experience between them, it's actually hard to believe that Finders Keepers Records is only ten years old. But that's no reason to keep a party in a jar. “How exactly have Andy Votel and Doug Shipton managed to cram it all in?” I hear you ask. A totally self-sufficient independent anti-label releasing lost pop and foreign fuzz without subtitles on obsolete formats while combining the roles of detectives, designers, dramatists and disc jockeys and stacking the chairs at the end of the day? How does Finders Keepers exist? This is a tale of studio butchery, tape bakeries and burning candles at both ends (see what we did there?) and to explain the full story, with musical accompaniment it would take more than one late night at the bar/campfire/sauna/racetrack/dentists chair/safari park... but we've got to start somewhere.

Basking in flattery after unanimous erect thumbs in response to our monthly bespoke radio show, Finders Keepers' Andy and Doug finally entrust long-running friend and co-host Pete Mitchell with the dubious job of psychedelic psychiastrist as they allow him to pick their maggot brains and explore the inner sanctums of the conjoined noggins that bring you Finders Keepers in all its guises. Providing everybody's done their maths correctly this will take approximately five appointments (episodes), which is a bonus, right? So, with the MULTIPLE mottoes ‘Making Global Sound Local’, ‘Making Old Records Feel Young’, ‘Accidental World Music Label’ and ‘Breaking Boundaries Before Breaking Even’ tattooed across their haggard consciousness, FK UK bring it all back home and give you TMI as you LOL and revel in Krautsploitation, Welsh Rare Beats and Well Hung funk while DS, AV and PM deliver the first course of this tin anniversary/birthday breakfast. Dig IN!!! Find OUT!!!