John Carpenter & Alan Howarh "The Duke Arrives" (Escape From New York)
Harold Faltermeyer "Adrianos" (The Berverly Hills Cop 2)
Harold Faltermeyer "Bogomil Gets Shot" (The Berverly Hills Cop 2)
John Carpenter & Alan Howarh "President at the Train" (Escape From New York)
Michael Brückner "The Wall of Dreams" (The Morphic Cycle)
Emmanuel Abat "Conquest" (Genèse)
D*Time "Lost Forever - Excerpt" (Labyrinth)
Jacob Cats "Lux" (Electronic Panorama)
Tangerine Dream "Burning Force" (Firestarter)
Gnoll "Explorers of the Underworld Part II - Excerpt" (Music for Dungeons)
Alain Goraguer "Déshominisation I" (La Planète Sauvage)
Lambert "New Horizon" (Bon Courage)
Maximilien Mathevon "Ambient Soundspaces 13" (Ambient Soundspaces Vol 2)
Haraa & Alpha Lyra "Projet Outremer" (Inédit)
Guillaume Roussel "A Horrible Loss" (Expend4bles)
Jean-Michel Jarre "EoN" (Exclusivité)
Synth Replicants "Drive by Berlin" (Time of Legends)
Synth Replicants "Dragons March" (Time of Legends)
Synth Replicants "Red Summer Rain" (Time of Legends)
Network 23 "Galileo" (Return to Berlin Part 8)
Network 23 "Pasteur" (Return to Berlin Part 8)
Vangelis "Dial Out" (Direct)