Playlist :
Tangerine Dream "Edinburgh Castle" (Antique Dreams)
Tangerine Dream "Exit to Heaven" (The Electronic Magic of Tangerine Dream)
Andy Pickford "Castilla" (Finnisterre Point)
Grüm~Pé "Winter Fire" (Immunity From Darkness)
Ron Boots "Alone Part 5" (Alone on Stage)
Michel Redolfi "A Smooth Ride" (Pacific Tubular Waves)
Orchestra of Electric SpaceJazz "Light of Hope" (Single)
Ulises Labaronnie & Ezequiel Rosso "Part II" (Terra Incognita)
Age "The Organist" (Time Capsule)
D*Time "Hidden Structures" (Hidden Structures)
Christian Wittman "Floating Illusions" (Evanescence)
Totemtag "Echo of Distant Voices" (Into Deep Space)
Maximilien Mathevon "Quzhou" (Le Laowai)
Jean-Michel Jarre "EoN" (Exclusivité)
Space Art "Onyx" (Space Art)
Space Art "L'obsession d'Archibald" (Trip to the Center head)
Space Art "Nous Savons Tout" (Single)
Space Art "Mélodie Moderne" (Single)
Space Art "Symphonix" (Single)
Space Art "Serenad" (Single)
John Carpenter "Chariots of Pumpkins - Halloween III" (Anthology II)
John Carpenter "69th St. Bridge - Escape from New York" (Anthology II)
John Carpenter "The Alley & War - Big Trouble in Little China" (Anthology II)
John Carpenter "Wake Up - They Live" (Anthology II)
John Carpenter "Season of the Witch - Halloween III" (Anthology II)
John Carpenter "Love at a Distance - Prince of Darkness" (Anthology II)
John Carpenter "Laurie's Theme - Halloween" (Anthology II)
Vangelis "Dervish D" (Spiral)