Klaus Schulze "TA Session 1 & 2" (Instrumentals for Time Actor)
Mac of Bionight "Electric Oasis" (Equilibrium)
Silver Galaxy "Soliton" (Live at Berlin Noise Festival 2022)
La Mansarde Hermétique "Des Perles Bleues Dans La Mansarde Hermétique Excerpt" (The Attic Diaries Episode 5)
François Bayle "Jardins de Rien" (Camera Obscura - Espaces Inhabitables)
Tangerine Dream "End Titles" (Risky Business Film Cues)
D*Time "A World Yet To Be Told Excerpt" (A World Yet To Be Told)
Olivier Brigand "Le Prélat Indécis" (Single)
Vangelis "Chromatique" (Opéra Sauvage)
Tom Holkenborg "A Good Place to Die" (Rebel Moon Part One - A Child of Fire)
Jean-Michel Jarre "EoN" (Exclusivité)
Midi Bitch "A Boat On A River" (Sonic Fiction)
Midi Bitch "Taxis Appear On The Shore" (Sonic Fiction)
Midi Bitch "Your Head In The Clouds" (Sonic Fiction)
Fabio Frizzi "Seq 1" (Blastfighter)
Fabio Frizzi "Seq 3" (Blastfighter)
Fabio Frizzi "Seq 5" (Blastfighter)
Fabio Frizzi "Seq 6" (Blastfighter)
Fabio Frizzi "Seq 11" (Blastfighter)
Mark Shreeve "The Strand" (Legion)