Playlist :
Heldon "Bolero" (Stand By)
Christian Fiesel "Orbiting A New Sun" (Isolation Sleep)
D*Time "A Desert Full Of Illusions" (Illusions)
Mécanique des Sons "L'arrivée du Printemps" (Single)
Guy Reibel "Tutti 1 Medium" (Granulations-Sillages)
Tangerine Dream "Rising Runner Missed by Endless Sender Instrumental" (Unreleased for Cyclone)
Olyam "A Moment to Arise" (Single)
Mark Shreeve "Ride the Lihjtning" (Nocturne)
Mac of Bionight "Hostility" (Community)
Vangelis "Chromatique" (Opéra Sauvage)
Jonathan Fitoussi "Poème Symphonique - Part II" (Poème Symphonique)
Maximilien Mathevon "Une Vision de la Femme" (Robert et le Diable)
Jean-Michel Jarre "EoN" (Exclusivité)
Cornel Hecht "Chapter 1" (Infight)
Cornel Hecht "Chapter 4" (Infight)
Cornel Hecht "Chapter 5" (Infight)
Cornel Hecht "Chapter 6" (Infight)
Cornel Hecht "Chapter 9" (Infight)
Cornel Hecht "Chapter 10" (Infight)
Cornel Hecht "Chapter 13" (Infight)
Cornel Hecht "Chapter 14" (Infight)
Cornel Hecht "Chapter 15" (Infight)
Lustmord "Hence Shall They Be Devoured All of Them" (Much Unseen is Also Here)
Kitaro "New Lights" (Dai Chi)