Tangerine Dream "Bend Cold Sidewalk Instrumental" (Unreleased for Cyclone)
Jack Hertz "Into Totality Excerpt" (Eclipse 2024)
Mac of Bionight "Universal Cycles" (Salvagers)
Matthias Grassow & Heikki Lindgren "Stück 5 - BÅGASKÄR" (Harmaja)
Mireille Chamass-Kyrou "Etude 1" (Traces One)
Mark Shreeve "Pan Galactic Anorak" (Collide)
Markus François "The Corridors" (Abandoned Spacestation)
Orchestra of Electric SpaceJazz ft. Joerxworx "Amalgamation" (Single)
Brad Fiedel "Come To Me 2" (Fright Night 2)
D*Time "Sifting Through The Wreckage Excerpt" (The Specter of Man)
Kasriel "Overture .. When the Cold Winds Blow" (Inner Sanctum)
Spell of Unseeing "Lair of Bones" (Weaving Light and Shadow)
Guild of Lore "Voice Of The Mountain" (Winterstead)
Secret Stairways "Onward, to Hy Breasail" (Enchantment of the Ring)
Tom Holkenborg "Quickhatch" (Rebel Moon Part 2, The Scargiver)
Jean-Michel Jarre "EoN" (Exclusivité)
Sophos "Thaumas" (Ignis Sequentia)
Gert Emmens & Ron Boots "Lost in Dephts of Desolation" (Lost in Dephts of Desolation)
Vangelis "Movement 6" (Mask)