Playlist :
Vangelis "Movement 1" (Soil Festivities)
D*Time "Swirls Of Black Dreams" (Inner Demons)
Volker Lankow "Arriving At The Boundaries Excerpt" (Slow and Quiet)
F.D. Project "Part 2" (Live - Studioworks 2010)
Luc Ferrari "Visage V Excerpt" (An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music #2)
Tangerine Dream "Katja" (Das Mädchen Auf der Treppe)
Phrozenlight "This Ever Expanding Ghost Mind Excerpt" (This Ever Expanding Ghost Mind)
Graham Simpson "Crash And Burn" (Electrical Storm)
The Newton Brothers "Rising Waters" (X-Men 97)
The Newton Brothers "End Credits" (X-Men 97)
Jean-Michel Jarre "EoN" (Exclusivité)
Paul Ellis "Three Trajectories 3" (Three Trajectories)
Gnoll "A Cruel Legend Lost in Time" (Faer the Wanderer)
Gnoll "Journey by Moonlight" (Faer the Wanderer)
Gnoll "Pterobats Flying Down" (Faer the Wanderer)
Gnoll "A Tomb Full of Insects" (Faer the Wanderer)
Gnoll "Mothers" (Faer the Wanderer)
Gnoll "Burial Mound of a Giant King" (Faer the Wanderer)
Gnoll "Revenge" (Faer the Wanderer)
Kitaro "The Light Of The Spirit" (The Light Of The Spirit)