Hi there, This is our podcast of 2017 and it features lots of brand new CD releases! It features Gary Innes, Siobhan Miller, Robyn Stapleton singing My Love is like a Red, Red Rose, Old Blind Dogs, Laura Beth Salter and Jenn Butterworth, a classic track by Fraser Fifield, Hannah Rarity, Aizle and Top Floor Taivers. Keep up to date with all our podcasts by visiting our website www.scotpodcast.com or subscribing on iTunes or Stitcher.   ERA by Gary Innes Track - Crazy Street https://projects.handsupfortrad.scot/folkwaves/crazy-street-by-gary-innes/ Strata by Siobhan Miller Track - One Too Many Mornings https://www.siobhanmiller.com Songs of Robert Burns by Robyn Stapleton Track - My Love is like a Red, Red Rose http://www.robynstapleton.com Room with a View by Old Blind Dogs Track - Bunker Hill http://www.oldblinddogs.co.uk Bound by Laura Beth Salter and Jenn Butterworth Track - Let the sun shine down on me https://projects.handsupfortrad.scot/folkwaves/let-the-sun-shine-down-on-me-than-halls-by-jenn-laura-beth/ Honest Water by Fraser Fifield Track - Dark Reel https://projects.handsupfortrad.scot/folkwaves/dark-reel-by-fraser-fifield/ Beginnings EP by Hannah Rarity Track - Anna's Lullaby https://projects.handsupfortrad.scot/folkwaves/annas-lullaby-by-hannah-rarity/ Aizle EP by Aizle Track - Father Quinn's https://projects.handsupfortrad.scot/folkwaves/father-quinns-by-aizle/ A Delicate Game by Top Floor Taivers Track - Princess Rosanna https://projects.handsupfortrad.scot/folkwaves/princess-rosanna-by-top-floor-taivers/