Listen to the latest Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish music podcast with another great selection of music from Scotland. This month we feature Hamish Napier, Boys of the Lough, The Poozies, Lori Watson, Alistair McCulloch, Emily Smith and Jamie McClennan, Rura, Skerryvore, Skipinnish, Eabhal, Frigg and Hò-rò. Please share!

The Railway by Hamish Napier Track - Double-Header

The New Line by Boys of the Lough Track - Liffey Side

Punch by The Poozies Track - Knees of Fire

Yarrow Acoustic Sessions by Lori Watson Track - Fine Floors in the Valley

Off the Hook by Alistair McCulloch Track - Mazurkas

Unplugged by Emily Smith and Jamie McClennan Track - While Roving On A Winter's Night

In Praise of Home by Rura Track - Day One

Evo by Skerryvore Track - Take My Hand

Wishing Well by Skipinnish and Malcolm Jones

'The MaSìm' by Eabhal

Frost on Fiddles by Frigg Track - Ode to Ravintola Pelimanni

Transatlantic Sessions - Series 4, Vol. One featuring Emily Smith, Mairéad Ni Mhaonaigh & Martha Wainwright Track - Bleeding All Over You

Hex by Hò-rò Track - Nuggets

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