Brighten up your day with the latest Foot Stompin' podcast featuring some great Scottish trad music from Project Smok, Salt House, Innes Watson, Mary Ann Kennedy, Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy, Benedict Morris, Gordeanna McCulloch, Brìghde Chaimbeul, Gráinne Brady, Tom Orr, Tony Cuffe and Shona Mooney.

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The Fear Project Pt. 2 by Project Smok

Twine Weel the Plaiden by Salt House

Innes Watson's Guitar Colloquium Track - Doo Da

Glaschu by Mary Ann Kennedy Track - Camanachd Ghlaschu

Sparks by Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy Track - Looking at a Rainbow Through a Dirty Window

Reels by Benedict Morris

Sheath and Knife by Gordeanna McCulloch The Yowie Wi the Crookit Horn (feat. Calum Allan, Erlend Voy & Ronnie Alexander)

The Reeling by Brìghde Chaimbeul A Bhriogais Uallach / Highean Donn nan Gobhar

The Road Across the Hills by Gráinne Brady Track - The Road Across the Hills

Off The Beaten Track by Tom Orr Track - Diddley-I-Pod The Complete Songs of Robert Burns Vol 1 Yestereen I had a pint o wine by Tony Cuffe

Heartsease by Shona Mooney Track - Twisted Tunes

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