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Aye Waukin O by Fiona Hunter

Sian Track - A-nochd a' Chiad Oidhche 'n Fhoghair

Airs by Mhairi Hall Track - St Kilda

Bonnie Lass Of Fyvie by Iona Fyfe

Steall by Ewen Henderson Track - Jigs

Dithis (Duo) by Joy and Andrew Track - A Mhairead Òg / Young Margaret

All Is Not Forgotten by Siobhan Miller Track - Cholesterol

Mairead Nan Cuiread by Katie Macfarlane

The Airing by Rebecca Hill Track - Sleep Quietly

Songs from Jenna Reid Track - Da Sealkie Wife’s Sang

Time To Fly by David Foley and Jack Smedley Track - Litteljohn

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