Hi everyone, Thanks for listening to the podcast in 2020. It has been a strange year! This is the last show in 2020 and I'll be back in January 2021. Have a lovely Christmas and here is some great Scottish trad music to celebrate it!

Countless Isles and Endless Miles by Trail West Track - Oiy Aboya http://trail-west.com

Squall by Adam Sutherland Track - Thorb The Robot / Rosie Shand of Grantown http://adamsutherland.bandcamp.com

Between Rivers by Jack Badcock Track - Our World https://jackbadcock.bandcamp.com/album/between-rivers

The Schawaldouris (Wanderers in the Woods) by Hamish Napier Track - The Tree of Eternity (Feat. Duncan Chisholm) http://hamishnapier.bandcamp.com

Livewire by MecLir Track - The Ram http://meclir.com

In Sight by Benedict Morris http://benedictmorris.bandcamp.com

Southside by Euan McLaughlin http://euanmclaughlinmusic.bandcamp.com

Let Ramensky Go by Claire Hastings remixed by Innes Strachan of Niteworks https://clairehastings.bandcamp.com/music

The Harp Weaver by Maeve Gilchrist Track - Brenda’s Abbey https://maevegilchristmusic.bandcamp.com

Fields of Gold by Tim Edey https://timedey.bandcamp.com

And Den Dey Made Tae by Ross & Ryan Couper Track - The Lucky Child http://rosscouper.bandcamp.com

prøv å si noe til meg nå by Valkyrien Track - Down for whatever https://www.amazon.co.uk/prøv-noe-til-meg-nå/dp/B01MTN2G8K

Michael Biggins - Ding Dong Merrily on High https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgvLZk_S2y0q6mDHafmK3NVbrrBXzbn76