We are back again with some more great Scottish trad music to brighten up your day. We have a mixture of new and old for you! Thanks to all our Patreons - I really appreciate it. If you would like to be one check out www.patreon.com/handsupfortrad

The Roke by Ross Miller Track - The Threes Set https://rossmiller.bandcamp.com/releases

Allt by Julie Fowlis, Eamon Doorley, Zoe Conway & John McIntyre Track - Air an Somme http://www.juliefowlis.com

Lockdown Mixtape by Tide Lines Track - Dignity http://tidelinesband.com

Innes Watson’s guitar Colloquium Track - Du Da https://inneswatson.bandcamp.com

The Speaking Heart by Lucy Pringle & Chris Wright Track - The Earl O Errol https://pringlewright.bandcamp.com/releases

English Folk Field Recordings Volume 2 Track - Kathryn Tickell https://stickinthewheel.bandcamp.com/track/bonnie-pit-laddie-lads-of-alnwick

Suicide Town by Robbie Grieg (feat Paul McKenna) http://robbiegreig.bandcamp.com

Lightshow by Catriona Price & Alex Roth http://catrionaprice-alexroth.bandcamp.com

Live at Hands Up for Trad Music Club by Dallahan Track - Pierre’s http://dallahanmusic.com

Dear Amy by Amy Papiransky https://amypapiransky.bandcamp.com

Urranta by Deirdre Graham Track - Mairead Nan Cuiread https://deirdregraham.bandcamp.com/releases