The bonus episodes continue! Episodes that are a little different, because they are recorded in public. And yes, this episode is in English!

I had the pleasure of recording this episode live at The Agenda. It's a very special episode, as I'm joined by Krasna and Belligerency, two of the three wonderful freaks behind the Propaganda collective and its very special shows. King Kovaci unfortunately couldn't be with us for the interview.

How does it feel to carry the weight of a legacy on stage? To represent queer cultures that are being erased or crushed? And what's Propaganda anyway? What's so special about it? Why do we also find artists with no apparent link to the queer communities of Eastern Europe and Western Asia in its shows?
These were some of the questions that kept us busy for a good half-hour, before we opened the floor to questions from the audience. I hope you enjoy listening to this, despite my accent!

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