2 Hours Hosted & Mixed by Matt Masters

Artist - Title (Mix) [Label] 

Andy Ash - All Of It At Once [Delusions Of Grandeur]

Andy Ash - Burger [Delusions Of Grandeur]

Soul Of Hex - Pharaoh Machine [Delusions Of Grandeur] 

Simon Hinter - Airbear [Freerange Records]

Greg Paulus - Breezy Point [Freerange Records]

Apoena - Must Go Deeper [Freerange Records]

Milton Jackson - Remember [Freerange Records]

Lazarusman - Here We Are (Instrumental) [Freerange Records]

Session Victim - Village Youth [Delusions Of Grandeur] 

Nico Lahs - Deep Down In My Soul [Delusions Of Grandeur] 

Andy Ash - Sink  [Delusions Of Grandeur] 

Solid Gold Playaz - My Mind Is In A Daze [Freerange Records]

Apoena - Mind [Freerange Records]

Jimpster - One ft Casamena (Space Ghost Remix) [Freerange Records]

Jimpster & Matt Masters - No Normal [Freerange Records]

Solid Gold Playaz - Optical Illusions [Freerange Records]

Nico Lahs - Got Me Coming Back [Delusions Of Grandeur]

Belcampo - Your Kissing featuring Elisabeth Troy (Belcampo Remix) [Freerange Records]

Jimpster - Echoes In My Head (Solid Gold Playaz Remix) [Freerange Records]

Shur-i-kan & Milton Jackson - Sixth Section [Freerange Records]

Solid Gold Playaz - Do You Think [Freerange Records]

Jimpster - Smile For A While (Jon Dixon Remix) [Freerange Records]

Belcampo - Delisei [Freerange Records]