30 Minutes Hosted & Mixed by Matt Masters
Artist - Title (Mix) [Label]
Matt Masters - Choosing A Room [Freerange Records]
Dwson - Silent Cry [Stay Try Sounds]
Shaka - Ohh No [Vibes & Grooves]
Stefano Ritteri - Dope Mania - (Medlar Remix) [Viaggio]
Larry Quest - Conun Drums [Delusions Of Grandeur]
Lövestad - Miles (Jimpster Edit) [Freerange Records]

30 Minute Exclusive Guest Mix by C.Vogt
Artist - Title (Mix) [Label]
Chaos In The CBD – Accidental Meetings [In Dust We Trust]
East of Eden – Revolutionary Words [Distant Hawai]
Anthony Fade – No Smoke [Lost Palms]
Cosmonection – Spheres [Pont Neuf Records]
Butch & C.Vogt – Vogue (Butch Bonus Edit) [Freerange Records]
Butch & C.Vogt – Vogue (Jimpster Remix) [Freerange Records]
Carlo – Sugar Sweet Sunshine [Neovinyl Recordings]