1. (Intro) Ian A Anderson : Goblets & Elms from the CD Onwards (Ghosts From The Basement)
2. Kelly Hunt : Lost Highway from the CD Ozark Symphony (Compass)
3. Anita Carter : Freight Train Blues from the CD Blue Doll (Jasmine)
4. Holly Blackshaw : March Rain from the CD A Yorkshire Tribute To Michael Chapman (Tompkins Square)
5. Frankie Archer : Peacock Followed The Hen from the CD EP Never So Red (Frankie Archer)
6. Oriane Lacaille feat. René Lacaille & Loy Ehrlich : Lam La Mer from the CD iViV (Ignatub)
7. Christine Salem & DJ Click : Malouwé (Akoustik) from the CD Mon Rési (No Fridge)
8. Ryan Young : The Bird's Nest / 's Iomadh Rud A' Chunnaic Mi from the CD Just A Second (Immersive Music)
9. Topette!! : Ricer from the CD On (Topette!!)
10. Jenny Sturgeon with Alice Allen & Grant Anderson : Beyond The You And I from the DL EP Wintergreen (Hudson)
11. Honey And The Bear : Silverlace Green from the CD The Fret (Honey And The Bear)
12. Dengue Fever : Prahok In My Suitcase from the CD Ting Mong (Tuk Tuk)
13. Nusantara Beat : Kota Bandung from the DL/ 7" Single (Bongo Joe)
14. Yasmin Williams feat. Aoife O'Donovan : Dawning from the DL Single (Nonesuch)
15. Mikey Kenney : Dandelion from the DL Single (Penny Fiddle)
16. Cerys Hafana : The Wife Of Usher's Well from the DL Single (Cerys Hafana)
17. Øxn : Love Henry from the CD Cyrm (Claddagh)
18. John Francis Flynn : Mole In The Ground from the CD Look Over The Wall, See The Sky (River Lea)
19. Batsükh Dorj : Khei At from the CD Ögbelerim (Buda Musique)
20. San Miguel Fraser : Jota De Guijar / Xota De Riotorto from the CD Dots Of Light (Culburnie)
21. Mark Leggett : Goldsboro Getaway from the CD Folktown (Earthsonix)
22. Sver : Draumen from the CD Legacy (Folkhall)
23. Kamini Natarajan : Ram Naam Ras from the CD Meera (Kamini Music)
24. Salamander : Ya Viene El Cativo from the CD Jojnes Trojm (Liljans Musik)
25. AySay : Sen Kimsin from the CD KÖY (No Bounds)
26. Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones : I Traced Her Little Footmarks In The Snow from the CD Wesselbobs (Selwyn Music)
27. The Rosie Hood Band : Lyddie Shears from the CD A Seed Of Gold (Little Red Recordings)
28. Les Mamans Du Congo & Rrobin : Consolation from the DL/LP Ya Mizolé (Jarring Effects)
29. Ana Carla Maza : Las Primaveras from the CD Caribe (Persona Editorial)
30. Lenhart Tapes Feat. Svetlana Spajic & Tijana Stankovic : Zuta Zaba from the CD Dens (Glitterbeat)
31. Siger : Back On Track from the CD When We Fly (Trad Records)

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