This week on Fuhmentaboudit!, guest host John La Polla of Bitters & Esters welcomes a crew of guests to discuss spicing homebrewed beer. First up, John relays a ton of beer events happening throughout October before welcoming Sean Torres of the Richmond County Homebrew Club. Sean talks about some of his latest brews, notably his fig double and pumpkin brews. He goes on to explain how he implements necessary spices into his brewed beverages for the best results and also shares some of his not so great experiences making spiced beers. After the break, John speaks with Hollis Smith about her recent beers, some of which incorporate butternut squash and beets. Continuing the discussion, Robby Crafton of Greenpoint Beerworks explains his recent brews and some great thoughts on spicing a homebrewed beer. This program was brought to you by

“We took the seeds from the butternut squash and roasted those as well and threw those in. That’s where you get a little bit of an extra nutty flavor.” 22:04

Hollis Smith on Fuhmentaboudit!

“One of the best beers I ever made was one with bacteria… I let them ferment for a year and came back… turned out really well. ” [27:36]

Robert Crafton on Fuhmentaboudit!