We recently participated and spoke at DGOV Council in Berlin, an event that explored new principles of human-centric scalable governance. The experience inspired us to think more deeply about distributed governance, the emergence of collective intelligence, anti-fragility and sovereignty. In this episode we are discussing what kind of collective system is possible in the future and how to manage the diversity of values in such system.

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:
  • The definition of collective intelligence
  • The difference between a decentralized and distributed governance
  • How ideological frameworks corrupt personal sovereignty on every level
  • Why we need a system world view and flexible frameworks to think about the society
  • Internet meme tribes as a form of fulfilling the need to belong to a community
  • How to learn to have a conversation with someone with different values
  • The emergence of natural hierarchy vs. flattening bureaucracy
  • How to solve the issues with dominance and tyranny in a collective system
  • The possibility of building an optimal omni-thrive system that supports thriving of each subsystem

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