Our guest in this episode is Pia Mancini, a political scientist and activist from Argentina, who has spent most of her career researching and experimenting how we can upgrade democracy for the modern world. She is the co-founder of Open Collective, which supports groups to quickly set up a collective, raise funds and manage them transparently, and Democracy Earth, an open source and decentralized democratic governance protocol for any kind of organization. Today we talk about how democracy can function better in the age of internet, why we are seeing signs of the return of the city-state, how to build a self-sovereign identity, pros and cons of liquid democracy, and how to enable large scale cooperation in decision making.


- Why democracy is outdated and which aspects of it need to be upgraded

- How the trust in society is shifting from present political systems to technology based solutions - Flow and access to information as a primer purpose of future political systems - Pros and cons of liquid democracy and how to build it on a global scale - How nation states are being challenged by cryptocurrency - The rising power of cities and possible return of city-states to the world - The minimum capabilities and structures that a city of the future needs to provide for its citizens - The challenges of building a self-sovereign identity that is resistant to civil attacks - What structures are useful to test and implement in order to deal with problems such as climate change or extremist governments

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