Repeat Offender : By - Lani Lynn Vale

Repeat Offender presents to you a tension filled, stunning, sexy, swoon worthy, commendable, amusing reading that is so all consuming You disregard reality. Repeat Offender is the first novel in the Souls Chapel Revenants MC series.

Lynnwood otherwise known as Lynn otherwise known as Joker otherwise known as a couple of other names…. this man. He is sin enclosed by the devil himself. I mean if you truly think intelligently and not with your hormones the man is terrifying. He can slip into any climate and fit into his surroundings perfectly shaping himself into what ever part he needs to play. Alarming yet in addition so freaking hot because he tricks EVERYONE. Mr mayor surely got up to some evil stuff and I was IMPRESSED. The man is a wide range of dark, dangerous and risky with a side of sweet I just could not deal with. I needed to pause for a minute to get it together on the grounds that he sure gets innovative.

Six. Ahh if there was ever a lady made for my man it’s her. She is everything inverse to Lynn. She doesn’t attempt to mix in, she would not like to fit the mold and in the event that anything would prefer not associate with people by and large. I like that she was aware of Lynn and his abilities but then did not fear giving him a run for his money. Under her sharp outside she is so sweet and simply needed somebody to want her for what she really is. In spite of her insecuties and trust issues she put confidence in her man and I love that for her. What a lady.

Both characters of Repeat Offender had this eccentric dynamic since they are both pretty dull with broody characters which shockingly worked well together. Their chemistry is total fire from the earliest starting point and becomes more brilliant as they keep on skirt around one another until the unavoidable tension combust. Ohhh sweet Jesus I needed to pray for myself reading that scene. Mr mayor certainly realizes how to use the tools around him. However, not only is their chemistry tangible through the pages, their association is totally strong. There is no to and fro bull. No childish show or fillers. They are it for one another tolerant eachothers shortcomings and all and I simply cherished that. They ground one another in a way that is so sweet.

Repeat Offender’s plot advances completely giving us a delicious tension with a lot of depth.

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