Going at it again another hour of the good stuff. Featuring the greatest rocknroll on earth with Them Damned Young Livers, Sir Psyko And His Monsters, Archie, The Hillmans, The Meteors and more

Git it.

Johnny Cash | Essential | 25 Minutes To Go(Columbia | 1992

Them Damned Young Livers | Psalms Of Ill Repute | Love Fight(Self Release)2010

The Meteors | Teenagers From Outer Space | Another Half Hour Till Sunrise(Big Beat Records)1986

Sir Psyko And His Monsters | Reapers Tale | Rockin' In The Graveyard(Crazy Love Records)2010

Stressor | Trip To Mad City | Straight Man(Crazy Love Records)2012

Rantanplan | Two Worlds At Once | Watch Me Going Off(Link Records)1990

The Waltons | Here Comes The Waltons | Acting Wild(Korea)1987

P. Paul Fenech | Skitzofenech | Nick And The Preacher(People Like You)2008

The Moggies | Squirrel Cereal Killer | Woman Keep Your Fingers Away From Me(Self Release)2016

Baker Knight | That'll Flat Git It Vol. 09 Decca | Just Relax(Bear Family)1999

Archie | Listen To What Archie Sez | Listen To What Archie Sez(Kix 4 U Records)1986

Es-Feiv | Cows In Motion | No Comin' Back(Kix 4 U Records)1989

The Skrunch | The Skrunch | Small Town Stomp(Tombstone Records)1989

The Slanderin' | Blue Ramblin | Condemed(Boss Beat)2009

The Hillmans | Kings Of The Weald Frontier | The Hornet(Western Star Recordings)2015

The Meteors | Undead Unfriendly And Unstoppable | Liars In Wait(Anagram Records)1989

Gutter Demons | Unfinished Business | Gutter Kings(Falsetto Records)2015