Another 2 hours of the greatest rocknroll on earth. More of the good stuff from The Monsters, Gutter Demons, Radiacs, Kings of Nuthin', Infa Riot, Memphis Morticians, The Cramps, and more.

Git it.

The Monsters | Jungle Noise | Primitive Man(Voodoo Rhythm)1999

Screamers & Sinners | Demon Tales | My Way(Self Release)2015

Gutter Demons | Unfinished Business | After Dark(Falsetto Records)2015

The Hillmans | Kings of the Weald Frontier | Gonna Miss Me(Western Star Recordings)2015

Tall Boys | One | Missing Link(Drunkabilly Records)2013

The Hypnophonics | Last Band On Earth | Romance With A Rapist(Stomp Records)2009

The Big Red Rocket | The Big Red Rocket | I Wanna Get Smashed(Diablo Records)2017

Damage Done By Worms | Tonight | Psycho Visions(Streetmusic Berlin)1999

Guitar Slingers | Psycho Cop EP | Mega City Punks(Diablo Records)2019

The Matadors | Horrorbilly 9000 | Demon Riders(Stereo Dynamite Recordings)2006

The Delta Bombers | The Delta Bombers | You Got To Lose(Wild Records)2014

Carlos & The Bandidos | A Fist Full Of Carlos | Gunfight With Cupid(Noose Records)2001

Rip Carson | My Simple Life | Poor Me(Golly Gee Records)2005

Hillbilly Moon Explosion | Introducing The Hillbilly Moon Explosion | All I Can Do Is Cry(Crazy Love Records)2002

Jessica Lee Wilkes | Lone Wolf | Love Like Crazy(Free Dirt Records)2015

Ross Kleiner & The Thrill | Kingdom | Shake Your Bones(Self Release)2016

The Cramps | Fiends Of Dope Island | Papa Satan Sang Louie(Vengeance Records)2003

The Epileptic Hillbillys | Tales From The Underworld | I'm The Wolf Man(Crazy Love Records)2011

Elektraws | Shock Rock | Raving Mad(Nervous Records)1996

Radiacs | Hellraiser | I Was Wrong(Link Records)1989

Sgt. Bilko's Crazy Combo | Give Em A Slap Vol 1 | Double Dutch(Diablo Records)2014

The Spectres | Rubber Room Rock | Rubber Room Rock(My Checkbook)2003

Frantic Flintstones | Freaked Out & Psyched Out | Haunted(Drunkabilly Records)2012

Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats | Bad Moon Death Trip | Voodoo Rock(Self Release)2011

Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys | Burning Miles Of Sin | Hot 'n' Faster(Self Release)2005

Kings Of Nuthin' | Punkrock, Rhythm & Blues | I Smell A Rat(People Like You)2005

King Salami & The Cumberland 3 | Cookin' Up A Party | Just My Kind(Dirty Water Records)2013

Southern Culture On The Skids | Girlfight | Girlfight(Sympathy For The Record Industry)1993

Bob Wayne | Till The Wheels Fall Off | Fuck The Law(People Like You)2012

Hellbound Glory | Old High And New Lows | Hank Williams Records(Rusty Knuckles)2010

Hotrod Hillbillies | You Wanna Race | Good Hearted Woman(Self Release)2010

Oxymoron | Fuck The Nineties.....Here's Our Noize | Self Rule(Helen Of Oi!)1995

Infa Riot | Still Out Of Order | Emergency(Secret Records)1982

The Murderers | The Murderers And The Jerkoffs Split CD | Johnny(Beer City Records)1999

MDC | Millions Of Dead Cops/More Dead Cops | John Wayne Was A Nazi(R Radical Records)1988

G.B.H. | Leather, Bristles, No Survivors And Sick Boys... | Race Against Time(Clay Records)1982

Memphis Morticians | 1,000,000 Delinquents | I Want Disease(Space Hearse Records)2009