Tearing it up again with more of the finest. Two and a half hours of pure mental rocknroll from Mad Sin, The Quakes, Raygun Cowboys, The Cramps, Hank III, Berlin Blackouts, The Subversives, Chaos UK, In Defence, Body Count, and more.

Git it.

Mad Sin\God Save The Sin\Speak No Evil(Count Orlok Music)1996

Memphis Morticians\Play Primitive Trashman and 13 Other Lovesongs\Full Moon Hop(Kaiser Records)2006

Ian Spider Cubitt\Sunshine In Reverse\Method To My Madness(Crazy Love Records)2019

Jack O'Bones\Three Jacks\Moonshine(Diablo Records)2016

Nekromantix\Brought Back To Life\Bloody Holiday(Crazy Love Records)2005

Pharaoh\Jappin' Psycho Bomb\Wild Cat Blues(Vinyl Japan)1990

The Quakes\Quiff Rock\Dinosaur In Leather Pants(Orrexx Records)1996

The Peabrains\In The Hangman's Shadow\Diggin A Grave(Crazy Love Records)2019

The Swamp Dogs\Teenage Werewolf\Hopeless Aimless(Crazy Love Records)2019

Torment\Psyclops Carnival\Psyclops Carnival(Nervous Records)1986

Lost Souls\Chasin' A Dream\Chasin' A Dream(Nervous Records)1990

Krewmen\The Adventures Of The Krewmen\Guy Fawkes(Lost Moment Records)1986

The Sharks\Recreational Killer\Charlie(Anagram Records)1993

The Raygun Cowboys\Bloodied But Unbroken\Fast Machine(Stomp Records)2019

Long Tall Texans\Singing To The Moon\Nine Days Wonder(Rage Records)1991

Coffin Nails\Who's He?\Carling Black Label(Nervous Records)1990

The Untamed\Eerie Stories\Papa Bumwallah(Heptown Records)2003

The Cramps\A Date With Elvis\What's Inside A Girl?(Big Beat Records)1986

The Violent Shifters\Wide Open Baby!!\6 Days On The Road(Self Release)2014

Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys\That'll Flat Git It Vol. 09 Decca\So Let's Rock(Bear Family)1999

Lefty Frizzell\Steppin' Out\Cigarettes And Coffee Blues(Bear Family Records)2008

Carl Perkins\Best Of The Sun Sessions\Tennessee(Music Club)1994

Waylon Jennings\Nashville Rebel\Time To Bum Again(Legacy)2006

Hank III\Straight To Hell\Smoke And Wine(Bruc Records)2006

Them Damned Young Livers\Psalms Of Ill Repute\Georgia On A Fast Train(Self Release)2010

Those Unknown\Those Unknown\No Prevail(GMM Records)1995

Berlin Blackouts\Nastygram Sedition\Make Punk Rock Great Again(Wanda Records)2019

Peter & The Test Tube Babies\That Shallot\None Of Your Fucking Business(Punk Empire)2017

Toy Dolls\Idle Gossip\Keith's A Thief(Volume Records)1986

Rezillos\Can't Stand The Rezillos\My Baby Does Good Sculptures(Sire)1993

The Boys\The Collection\Take A Heart(Taang! Records)2003

Swingin' Utters\A Juvenile Product Of The Working Class\A Step To Go(Fat Wreck Chords)1996

Stiff Little Fingers\Go For It\Kicking Up O Racket(Chrysalis Records)1981

The Explosion\Flash Flash Flash\Terrorist(Jade Tree)2000

The Subversives\Protest And Dance Anthems For The Lost Generation\Fuck All Systems(Step-1 Music)2002

One Way System\All Systems Go\Jerusalem(Captain Oi!)1994

Abrasive Wheels\When The Punks Go Marching In!\Just Another Punk Band(Riot City Records)1982

Chaos U.K.\100 % Two Fingers In The Air Punk Rock\The Alcoholic(Century Media)1994

G.B.H.\Perfume And Piss\Kids Get Down(Hellcat Records)2010

Total Massacre\The System Works...\Antifascist(Self Release)2019

D.O.A.\Treason\Fucked Up Donald(Sudden Death Records)2020

The Exploited\Let's Start A War\Psycho(Combat)1983

In Defence\Party Lines And Politics\Curbside Dentistry(Profane Existence)2010

Dayglo Abortions\Two Dogs Fucking\Sit On My Face And Bleed(Unrest Records)1991

Body Count\Body Count\Cop Killer(Sire)1992