Gone Mental, kicking off listener alienation week. Episode 40 features not one lick of rockabilly, psychobilly or any other assorted flavor of billy.

Just one hour of punk rock and self important rambling. Class.

Grimple | Up Your Ass | A Fucked Up Beautiful Day

Dickies | The Incredible Shrinking Dickies | Poodle Party

The Briefs | Hit After Hit | Poor And Weird

The Briefs | Steal Yer Heart | Criminal Youth

Adolescents | Adolescents | No Way

Agent Orange | Living In Darkness | Bloodstains

The Saints | (I'm) Stranded | (I'm) Stranded

Black Flag | Damaged | Six Pack

Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys | Shut Up And Drink | More Beer

The Mummies | Tales From The Crypt | That Girl

The Invalids | Punker Than Me 7" | Punker Than Me

Oxymoron | The Pack Is Back | We Rule O.K.

The Casualties | For The Punx | Destruction & Hate

Virus Nine | Blastin' Away | Straight From The Heart

Day Glo Abortions | Feed Us A Fetus | I Want To Be East Indian

Germs | Mia - Anthology | Lexicon Devil

Cock Sparrer | Shock Troops | Watch Your Back

The Subversives | Protest And Dance Anthems For The Lost Generation | Fuck All Systems

Big Fuckin Skull | Six Skulls Against The World | Four Skulls And Seven Ears Ago

Quincy Punx | Nutso Smasho | Be My Alibi

Infa Riot | Singles And Rarities | Kids Of The 80's