The Guitar Speak Podcast has teamed up with the legendary Stevie Taylor of The Gig Life Podcast to present this roundtable with five of Australia's finest guitarists. We had a blast talking all things guitar with Peter Northcote, Chris Kamzelas, Ben Rodgers, Marc Malouf and Daniel March.

Many thanks to Stevie for putting in the legwork to make this happen and for inviting me along for the ride. Please check out The Gig Life Podcast as Stevie talks to an incredible range of Australian and New Zealand musicians,vocalists and producers.


Episode Music (Intro) 1: Obstacles - Peter Northcote 2: Boys Cry Out For War - Jimmy Barnes (Guitar -  Ben Rodgers) 3: Fall For You - Chris Kamzelas 4: Nina (Live) - Daniel March 5: On The Fifth Day of Christmas - St Jambience (Guitar - Matt Wakeling) 6: Boots - Marc Malouf Outro: 1: Guilt Free Guitar - Peter Northcote


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