Mono are touring Australia in March and I'm super excited - so here in replay is my conversation with Takaakira Goto. 'Taka' is the principal composer, guitarist and band leader of the Japanese post-rock band.

Mono formed in 1999 and had just released a brilliant album 'Pilgrimage of the Soul' when I spoke with Taka in late 2021.

Taka discusses working with legendary producer - and longtime collaborator -Steve Albini, fusing influences well beyond electric guitar, tone secrets and essential pedal order, how Taka and fellow Mono members Yoda and Tamaki have all used the same vintage guitars on every album and performance and much more.

This episode is brought to you by Fretboard Biology 

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Fretboard Biology

Guitar Speak Podcast #146 - Joe Elliott - ex guitar head of GIT - launches Fretboard Biology

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